Bringing NAMS to Congress

A very special day dedicated to National Asset Management Support, AKA NAMSDay. 

NAMSDay is where asset management industry leaders, experts, and infrastructure professionals converge to explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing our ever-changing industry.  

NAMSDay will continue a tradition of dynamic networking, knowledge exchange, and collaborative discussion, right in the middle of our three-day Congress. 

Join us for a day packed with insightful presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive workshops.  

NAMSDay’s Keynotes - Pio Terei and Jarrod Kerr, panel discussion and technical speakers will all be focused on the topics that have typically been explored by the NAMS Forum – economics, infrastructure asset management, life experience, and more.  Our esteemed line-up of speakers will share their expertise, strategies, and success stories, all tailored to enhance your understanding of asset management best practices in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

All NAMSDay attendees will earn an Āpōpō Digital Pin – a verifiable micro-credential based on our award-winning Digital Badges. These will be obtained through an interactive workshop with four courses to choose from. More information on this exciting addition to NAMSDay will be released soon. 

Joining us at the NAMSDay means taking a significant step toward elevating your skills, expanding your network, and contributing to the growth of the specialist asset management community in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

Following NAMSDay, we welcome you to stay on for the evening and attend the Āpōpō Asset Management Excellence Awards Gala Dinner.  The Āpōpō Awards and Scholarship presentations are a celebration of excellence, an opportunity to acknowledge the great work of colleagues and to be inspired to deliver the very best in asset management for all our communities. 

Introducing Digital Pins – NAMSDay’s professional development!  


At 11:00am on NAMSDay, all attendees will take part in a short formal learning activity.  This is part of our commitment to furthering your professional development by attending the Āpōpō Congress.  


How to register 

Register for NAMSDay now by booking a one-day Āpōpō Congress registration. Secure your spot now to be part of the NAMS tradition and to advance your knowledge, skills, and networks in asset management! 

If you are preparing your 'case' for approval to attend the 2024 NAMSDay, we have written some text that you can copy, paste and modify here.

About NAMS 

New Zealand Asset Management Support (NAMS) has led the development of asset management best practice within New Zealand since 1995. 

NAMS is a special interest group (SIG) of Āpōpō which promotes asset management through the development of best practice guidelines and training. NAMS provides a hub through which industry professionals can both gain and distribute information on the latest developments in asset management. 

The NAMS manuals and guidelines are not only distributed worldwide, they are also well recognised and represent the world’s best practice. The Āpōpō Guide, developed with oversight of the NAMS SIG, is the authoritative asset management resource for practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand.  NAMS also curates a range of training services customised to the needs of those who are new to asset management and those who are currently practicing the skills of asset management best practice. 

More information on the history of NAMS