Introducing Digital Pins – NAMSDay’s professional development!  

At 11:00am on day two of the Āpōpō Congress, better known as NAMSDay, all attendees will take part in a condensed formal learning programme.  This is part of our commitment to furthering your professional development by attending the Āpōpō Congress.  

What is a Digital Pin?

Similar to our award-winning Digital Badges, they are quick-fire micro-credentials based on an essential asset management topic. Unlike our badges, they will be completed during an in-person session at the Congress. 

The Digital Pins are an interactive, multimedia learning experience. Each pin will be hosted by an experienced and expert facilitator, and involve discussions, polls, and quizzes – so bring a device if you have one. You will also have the chance to contribute and share your experiences with your group. 

There are four pins to choose from (you can only pick one!): 


AM 201 – Telling the Story of Asset Management 

Telling stories that resonate with stakeholders is essential to gaining support for proper asset investment, showcasing our contributions to community well-being, and instilling confidence in our work. This pin is designed to help you harness the power of storytelling to achieve your goals.

Facilitated by:

Jodie O'Doherty is the Acting Chief Executive for Infrastructure Decision Support (IDS).

Jodie is passionate about supporting New Zealand Asset Managers. She has a strong interest in this space and in stakeholder engagement. Jodie has spent the past 5 years, working closely with Local and Central Government, and relevant industry bodies across New Zealand and the South Pacific, to increase the level of competency and understanding of Strategic Asset Management and importance of Long Term Planning.

Steve Browning is an asset management specialist with extensive experience working with infrastructure assets in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada.

He enjoys providing strategic advice to asset owning organisations, utilising technology to assist optimised decision-making and securing funding by helping tell the infrastructure investment story.

Steve is an experienced communicator, who has delivered asset management training to staff at all levels of organisational seniority. He is passionate about raising the profile of infrastructure asset management.

ST 310 – ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards 

ST 310 is the perfect pin for members of organisations that wish to align with the requirements of the ISO 55000 series, which define a global standard for asset management. It includes commentary on the highly anticipated 2024 release of updates to the ISO 550XX suite of standards.  

Facilitated by:

Adele Jones has an extensive career in the infrastructure sector, specialising in asset management.

Adele has worked with a wide variety of organisations in New Zealand, Malaysia and Canada covering Transport, Three-waters, Property and Buildings, Parks and Recreation, and Aviation.

Adele cares about the next generation and the legacy we are leaving them. Asset management allows her to build sustainable practices into all stages of infrastructure decision-making.

Wayne Hatcher is a Technical Director at WSP in NZ. In that role he strives for excellence in technical capability and supports many people to be the best they can.

In his work he has practised extensively in New Zealand at a national and regional level and has considerable experience delivering asset management services internationally including Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Canada.

AO 101 – Introduction to Te Ao Māori 

This pin will help you understand how incorporating te ao Māori (the Māori worldview) into your asset management practices contributes to a more sustainable and equitable future for all New Zealanders. 

Facilitated by:

Tracy Massam is the Pou Herenga Whai Rawa - Asset Manager for Tāmaki Regeneration Company, an Auckland based organisation helping ensure the people of Tāmaki have an awesome place to live, work and raise a family.

Tracy is currently on the Board Chair of Te Hononga Akoranga - COMET who were up until recently an Auckland Council CCO.

She is also on the Board of Āpōpō Infrastructure Asset Management Professionals as well a director of NAMs Group Limited and was also previously on the board of the NZ Chapter - Asset Management Council.

Kathy Dever-Tod has been involved in NZ asset management for 23 years and is the current Chair of the Asset Management SIG.

She is the Group Manager Parks and Logistics at Palmy, leading 95 staff who, in partnership with the community, achieve great park and reserve outcomes for the city.

AM 433 – Risk and Resilience 

Choose this pin to improve your understanding of risk and resilience and how to integrate them into all aspects of decision-making. It includes principles for infrastructure resilience, organisational resilience, treating risks, and dealing with uncertainty – and is perfect for anyone involved in infrastructure asset decision-making.

Facilitated by:

Morgan Lindsay is a natural hazard risk and geospatial consultant, who has contributed to projects across New Zealand and the Pacific over the last 7 years.

She has a passion for better integrating communities with the environment, and communicating often complex information to empower and better prepare communities for natural disasters.

Alex Cartwright is passionate about better integrating people and the environment, with extensive experience in New Zealand, Asia and the UK.

He focuses on developing knowledge and preparedness for natural hazards and climate change. Alex supports critical infrastructure organisations to assess risk and establish approaches to build resilience.

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