Stantec and Watercare have created a proactive renewal process for both water and wastewater networks that ingests and connects internal and open-source data. Creating asset specific Condition, Criticality and Construcability scores that use both theoretical and performance-based evidence.  

Stantec and Watercare have been developing a more rigorous and integrated approach to planning for proactive asset renewals. Building FME models to derive unique criticality, condition and constructability scores for each asset that compare and corroborate various network performance and fault indicators with asset and environmental data. The models will be used to help identify a proactive renewal programme, along with identifying “at risk” assets for further physical field investigation to determine greater confidence in condition.

We believe the approach can be refined and is both repeatable and scalable for all New Zealand’s buried 3-waters infrastructure and tackles the hard issue of ‘what can data do for us’ along with working within the te ao Maori principle of kaitiakitanga. This paper will present the process used for of the project: how various data sources were ingested, the logic and testing employed for the scoring, while ensuring outcomes are achieved and measured, and the problems faced in the model and process creation.

Rico Parkinson


Rico Parkinson has over 17 years’ experience in the water engineering industry. Rico is Chartered with Engineering New Zealand and the Canterbury Delivery Lead for Stantec’s Christchurch Water Civil Team. With extensive experience in renewal design throughout New Zealand and overseas he is known captain renewal and is the go-to person for pipeline renewals within Stantec. Rico particularly enjoys renewals as there is something unique each project and will be the only way for New Zealand to resolve our infrastructure deficit.

Brendon Harkness


Brendon Harkness is Manager of Asset Lifecycle at Watercare which involves leading a team who work with the business to enhance visibility of asset health and network performance insight with the aim of enabling capital, maintenance and renewal decisions which lead to more sustainable whole of life asset outcomes.
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Kaitiakitanga | Tahi

Tuesday 21 May