Learn how the Pipe-i robot, combining te ao Māori principles with advanced technology, changes infrastructure asset management, improving safety and data quality in risky environments.

In addressing the vital question, "What can data do for us?" within infrastructure asset management, the Āpōpō Guide's principles of te ao Māori, particularly Kaitiakitanga, or guardianship, align seamlessly with the introduction of Beca's Pipe-I robot. This innovative technology enables precise data collection in environments previously deemed too hazardous for human entry, thus embodying the te ao Māori ethos of protecting and respecting our surroundings. The Pipe-i robot was conceived out of necessity when faced with the challenge of surveying a deteriorated culvert in a remote location without compromising human safety. It represents a significant leap in asset management, providing high-quality 3D scans and comprehensive data while ensuring the safety of surveyors. The use of this technology demonstrates a shift towards more informed decision-making in infrastructure maintenance and repair, offering a more detailed understanding of assets' conditions and ensuring their longevity and reliability for future generations. This approach illustrates the tangible benefits of data in managing our infrastructure assets responsibly and sustainably.

When we think of improving asset management, we often think about getting new tools, technology and processes; but if you look where asset management is thriving and improving, you will always find invested leadership and a culture of collaboration and learning.

If we want to get more out of our infrastructure, we need people from all levels of our organisations, from Senior Management Teams to those working on the ground, to be involved in mapping out the way forward. Using collaborative approaches to developing an asset management roadmap allows us to have everyone on the same page about what is important. We build strength in our relationships and learn from each other.

Marcus Hall


Marcus Hall is a Senior Associate Surveyor at Beca, where his expertise in survey technology and robotics has contributed significantly to the field of precision mapping. With a strong focus on enhancing safety and data accuracy, Marcus has been at the forefront of integrating innovative robotic solutions into traditional survey practices. His dedication to applying advanced technologies in surveying has improved project efficiencies and data collection methods, reinforcing Beca's commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes in infrastructure asset management.
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Kaitiakitanga | Rua

Wednesday 22 May