Guiding the intricate landscape of infrastructure asset management toward a carbon-neutral 2050, this thought leadership confronts challenges encountered by asset managers while offering an innovative solution.

Pioneering the landscape of infrastructure asset management, carbon emissions are positioned as a paramount decision-making factor. Tackling these challenges involves focusing on carbon assessments for proposed activities and recognising dual benefits: cost-effectiveness and low emissions impact.

The proposed solution involves integrating a cutting-edge carbon assessment approach seamlessly into asset-specific plans. This method leverages quantities and construction procedures, employing a sophisticated tool for precise emissions calculations. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, the key lies in elevating emissions to a pivotal role that harmonises with other considerations tailored to specific asset types.

This abstract underscore the methodological excellence and substantial contribution to shaping a low-emission energy future aligning with the Māori principle of Kaitiakitanga- Environmental Stewardship. It will demonstrate the approach's effectiveness through practical scenarios, illustrating the transformative power of reliable data in decoding the carbon code for a sustainable future.

Kanishk Garg


With a dynamic professional journey, Kanishk shifted gears from a role as a climate change process engineer in New Zealand's dairy industry to a graduate asset management engineer at WSP. Rooted in a background of chemical and process engineering, Kanishk's dedication to sustainability persists. As the Design Lead at WTA, Kanishk leads the charge in optimising the capital's transportation network, infusing strategic insight and meticulous attention to detail into the challenge. Whether delving into cutting-edge technologies or implementing best practices, Kanishk's focus revolves around crafting sustainable solutions that elevate operational performance and tackle the difficult challenges in infrastructure asset management.

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Tuesday 21 May