Te Mana o te Wai recognises the importance of protecting water. In looking after our water, we protect our health and the environment for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Following the principles of Te Mana o te Wai can benefit overall asset management practice through first respecting the value of water and providing a holistic view of our activities and measuring their effects on our environment. 

We will discuss how and why Te Mana o te Wai came to be and provide practical examples for integrating its principles into everyday asset management practice. 

In the next few years, as Aotearoa moves forward together to improve its three waters services, there will also be more focus on measuring service quality and more scrutiny on service performance and investment. Our asset management plans will need to serve a wider audience with each reader looking for different information from the same document.

We will share our thoughts on how we can integrate Te Mana o te Wai principles into asset management plans as well as making these plans easier to read with more effective messaging for a non-technical audience.

Kristina Hermens


Kristina Hermens is a Business Director at Beca Ltd. She has worked in three waters asset management via local government and consultancy for more than 25 years. Kristina was part of a national asset management team who worked with the Department of Internal Affairs and three waters service providers to develop regional three waters asset management plans.
Concurrent Session B

Kaitiakitanga | Rua

Wednesday 22 May