In our calamitous world where the best decisions are often not the easiest to make, asset managers are in unique roles which consider ALL the drivers and factors that influence community infrastructure planning, including, but not limited to just climate adaptation planning. 

We then take all these factors and navigate a course for the best outcomes for most people.

Asset Managers always take a balanced approach to climate adaptation planning. How do we place reasonable expectations on asset managers and climate adaption teams alike to make the best decisions based on traditional knowledge, evidence and future demands for our cities infrastructure requirements.  Learn how asset managers become connectors and operational implementers of climate strategy using traditional indigenous knowledge and new technical approaches.

We are a small island nation of 5 million people surrounded by water.  We are significantly prone to and experiencing effects of climate change without being a large global CO2 emitter.  Our can do attitude often sees us as leaders in the field of innovation and mitigation and adaption, but we cannot do this without the help of our country's infrastructures asset managers.  This paper seeks to guide practitioners on their role as navigators between climate adaptation, asset management and enact operational reality on the ground.  Only by working together can realistic climate adaption occur globally.

Asset Managers in New Zealand bring a unique perspective that balances indigenous knowledge, Te Ao Maori, and Matauranga Maori, and western based asset management approaches navigating a course through potentially stormy waters to a calmer less calamitous future.

Priyani de Silvia-Currie


Priyani and her parents arrived in New Zealand nearly 50 years ago as a refugee from war torn Sri Lanka, now proudly calls New Zealand home. Priyani has 30 years’ experience as an infrastructure asset manager specializing in strategic asset management for central and local government, and is a Technical Fellow at Beca. Priyani advocates for and sees the future as integrated and embedded asset management and climate adaptation supporting community outcomes and sustainable environments.
Concurrent Session B

Rangatiratanga | Rua

Wednesday 22 May