Everyone knows that when looking for the best place to eat, you ask a local.  They are the location experts.  Their knowledge is critical to successful infrastructure design.

Too often in infrastructure design, assumptions are made about how people will move, behave or undertake daily activities.  What if those assumptions are incorrect and don’t take into account our inclusive and diverse society?

GHD’s loveable framework focuses on the People Experience. This session will demonstrate how effective engagement can be incorporated into infrastructure design.  The outcome is thriving places that have social and economic benefits.

This session will open your eyes to encourage deeper engagement, so that the often unheard voices of the community can participate in the design of our built environment. In this way we are building a better Aotearoa through rangatiratanga, that is planning for the people, by the people.



Michala Lander


Michala Lander is an experienced strategic planner and specialises in the planning and development of social and community infrastructure. She is passionate about working with the community and stakeholders to design and develop places that work for them. Michala and her team developed the Loveable Cities Framework, which is an approach to urbanisation that puts people at the centre of Urban Planning. This framework was developed as part of the Social Infrastructure Strategy for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, it is now being developed across the globe to establish its applicability across different scales of projects and cultural contexts.
Concurrent Session B

Rangatiratanga | Rua

Wednesday 22 May