How many 1:100 year events have you had in the last five years? 

Our budgets are having to repair the ravages of climate change with numerous assets suddenly under capacity as well.  Our “best for asset” renewal approach is not affordable.  We can repair three culverts for a 1:50 year event but the community still suffers flooding in a two-year event in five other locations. 

We can fully repair three slip sites but the road is still closed in four other places.  We can’t restore access with the same level of service.  Time for “best for portfolio” thinking!  Portfolio thinking stretches our limited budget increasing the quantity of asset improvements. 

Through innovative approaches to risk, criticality and programming, clients can achieve meaningful rangatiratanga (leadership) and kaitiakitanga (stewardship).  This portfolio thinking delivers improved outcomes for our communities and optimises the resilience of the whole asset portfolio.

Mike Tapper


Mike has over 30 years experience in network and asset management and is Beca’s practice lead for infrastructure asset management. He serves on a NOC Board, has co-authored four Waka Kotahi research projects. He has advised clients on managing their assets for both local authority and State Highway networks for far too long.
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Manaakitanga | Rua

Wednesday 22 May