Everyone is trying to make the right calls for infrastructure investment.

How can we be certain we are balancing the needs for future generations with asset resilience?

How can we make these decisions in a world of uncertainty and unknowns?

It’s no secret that New Zealand faces ongoing pressure on infrastructure investment to ensure we maximise outputs from our investments whilst ensuring assets are resilient now and into the future.

We need to ensure our assets are planned to deliver the needs locally and nationally over their entire lifespan – this may mean rethinking how we use assets through their life or plan for future upgrades to meet future requirements. However, without confidence in the reliability of our assets, we face a future whereby our economy and communities are unable to cope with large scale events.

Infrastructure decisions we make now lock in solutions and issues for future generations. This paper will look at:

  • How we can make decisions with certainty based on incomplete data or data with reliability issues
  • How using a blend of Asset Management and Infrastructure Investment tools we can plan for the worst-case scenarios but deliver a lasting legacy ensuring value for money from our investment.

Colin Gerrard


Colin Gerrard is an Executive Advisor - Asset Management, within GHD's Advisory team. He has a wide range of asset management experience covering a broad spectrum of assets, including working within client organisations on a secondment basis and encompassing a range of assets. Colin's experience includes operational and strategic asset management roles working for both client side (utility owners / operators) and consultancy companies.
Concurrent Session C

Manaakitanga | Toru

Thursday 23 May