The AMDS Multimodal Network Model programme is a nationally significant project, foundational for the New Zealand Transport Sector on the path to enhanced coordination for evidence-based decision-making. 

Waka Kotahi in partnership with the sector, with technical support from WSP, are developing a National Network model that provides a powerful, comprehensive platform for connecting, integrating, and enabling end users to analyse data across the transport system, including roads, public transport routes, bike lanes, and pedestrian pathways. 

Through a selection of use cases, this presentation will illustrate how the network model will empower decision makers across our transport sector.  Whether you're an asset manager seeking to harness a multitude of datasets to gain a deeper understanding of infrastructure needs, address disparities in transportation accessibility, or proactively visualize the impact of weather events on critical infrastructure, or a journey manager striving to pinpoint congestion hotspots, optimize routes, and provide real-time insights for efficient operational management and network performance, the AMDS Multimodal Network Model promises to be transformative.

We’re excited.

Claire-Louise Bode


Claire-Louise is the Senior Asset Manager at WSP. Her expertise is providing operational & advisory strategy for Local Authorities using geospatial analytic systems for business-as-usual processes, including climate risk assessments for current and future performance and investment purposes. She has expertise collecting and analysing asset condition data and geospatial features for transportation networks in New Zealand and the United States.
Concurrent Session C

Kaitiakitanga | Toru

Thursday 23 May