Ever wondered how asset managers make climate adaption plans real? How do we navigate through potentially stormy waters towards a calmer future where climate adaptation and asset management are integrated and embedded together? What’s your role in this?

Te Ao Maori principles can inform and enhance asset management practices in Aotearoa New Zealand by providing a holistic and sustainable perspective that respects the interconnectedness of all living things.

These principles can ensure that asset management practices are culturally responsive, socially inclusive, environmentally responsible, and economically viable. In applying these principles, we are leading (Rangatiratanga), stewarding (Kaitiakitanga) and respecting (Manaakitanga) our critical built and non-built environments.

By understanding, organizing and managing information, we stand a far greater chance of modelling the impact of change and adapting - before it arrives.

By collecting digital information throughout the project lifecycle (concept, planning, design and construction), we can handover relevant and valuable information to Asset Operations and Management to effectively sustain assets and surrounding environments.  This rich asset information underpins effective decision making to enable the delivery of sound asset management practice.

Working with the Construction Sector Accord, we have mapped government digital activities impacting the built and non-built environment with a view to understanding the information we have, identifying information we need and improving the efficiency, productivity, sustainability, and resilience of the assets we build. 

By creating Digital Twins of New Zealand, we can improve evidence-based decision-making to enhance the delivery of public services.

Tania Walsh


Tania is an experienced change agent, passionate about using our limited resources wisely. Her primary focus is digital platforms and infrastructure in the asset-intensive industry. Tania has spent 20+ years working with organisations driving Enterprise and Digital Transformation. Largely focused on Asset Intensive Industries including Power, Water, Gas, Transport and Telecommunications. Tania has worked on Projects across Australia and NZ using combinations of both onshore and offshore resources with the various technical consulting inputs. At Beca, Tania spends much of her time leading, collaborating and initiating activities as they relate to Regional and National Digital Twins.

Jane Henley


Jane is on a mission to improve the performance of the building and construction sector. She has been a pioneer in driving system transformation across the construction sector for the past 15 years. Much of that working internationally at the nexus of sustainability, innovation and impact investment. Since returning to Aotearoa, Jane has led the Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) Strategy with Kāinga Ora, advised boards on innovation strategies, supported an exciting new Māori led Fintec start up, and is now leading the Innovation workstream at the Construction Sector Accord. At Accord, Jane is driving alignment across the rapidly evolving digital engineering/ BIM / digital twin opportunities, developing a national roadmap for OSM, partnering with Callaghan Innovation to accelerate and pilot innovation and exploring opportunities to digitise consenting.
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Tuesday 21 May