Organisations are increasingly recognising the need for Kaitiakitanga applied to their assets, which is partly reflected in approaches to ongoing maintenance and renewal.

This brings a wider lens than the traditional purely financial view; taking in considerations of environmental and social values or impact.  Also, expected changes in the climate creates a new set of risks that impact infrastructure and their wider environmental and social context over time.  Both these considerations alter the value of infrastructure assets and contest simplistic economic definitions.

This presentation is a challenge of the status quo to expand our collective thinking about infrastructure value. I will discuss what adjustments are needed in our valuation thinking and techniques, to better capture the full economic value and begin to account for the impact of climate change over the lives of long-term assets. These adjustments present a new set of valuation solutions, as well as new problems that need to be fleshed out and addressed.

Kerry Mayes


Kerry now leads the infrastructure valuation discipline at WSP. His background includes a wide range of non-market valuation techniques and the underlying economics of these. To relieve the boredom of the many many valuations needing to performed each year, Kerry examines the valuation discipline's response to a changing world.
Concurrent Session B

Kaitiakitanga | Rua

Wednesday 22 May