WSP assessed eight AMPs for a Council in Te Tauihu with a Kaupapa Māori approach to Asset Management (AM) to generate a “step change” in the way Te Tauihu Iwi are involved in AM decision making at all levels. Suggestions were made regarding integration of Rangatiratanga (and other Te Ao Māori) principles into AMPs to promote resilient infrastructure outcomes and improved Council deliveries.

Rangatiratanga is a key Te Ao Māori Principle in overcoming hard issues such as improved infrastructure asset resilience and enhancing delivery of services with adequate capacity. Rangatiratanga gives Iwi/Māori the role of decision-makers within their rohe which is consistent with Article Two of Te Tiriti O Waitangi. In an AM context, Councils must consider how Iwi/Māori are involved in AM as Treaty partners, including AMP governance structures/processes and redefining the AM Policies and Strategies through a Te Ao Māori lens.

It was found and detailed in the delivery to our client that AM capability can be enhanced by improving cultural competency by weaving Western methodology and Te Ao Māori concepts into one cohesive synergised community strategy. A programme for determining Kaupapa Māori AM maturity was developed by WSP using the IIAM AM Maturity Index as a basis for a continuum of improvements. This was included in the relevant AMP Improvement and monitoring plan. Furthermore, the Kaupapa Māori AM Structures and Capabilities Programme guided minimum and maximum standards for each section of the AMP over time.

Jack Morris


Jack Morris is an Asset Management (AM) specialist with a thorough knowledge of NAMS IIMM AM and ISO Standards. His whakapapa connections are Ngāti Rangitāne o Wairarapa, Ngāti Kahunugunu ki Wairarapa, Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, Ngāti Tuwhareoa, Te Arawa and Te Ati Haunui-a-Pāpārangi. Jack holds a National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Masters in Planning Practice. Jack operates at the intersection of Te Ao Māori AM and traditional Western AM practices. This experience includes understanding how Iwi values such as Whakatipurāga and Mātauranga Māori are reflected in the AM System and Practices.
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